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Meter Proving and Calibration

Gage Western provides contract mobile proving services for PD and Coriolis liquid hydrocarbon meters in compliance with API MPMS Chapter 4.8.

Our experienced team utilizes the latest in proving hardware and software and a comprehensive safety program to provide accurate, reliable, and safe proving and calibration of custody transfer and process flow meters.

Gage Western also provides custody transfer meter proving witnessing services and will work with you to develop customized witnessing reports that meet your requirements.

We currently provide services throughout Texas and New Mexico.

Our Provers & Process

Our mobile provers operate at pressures up to 1,500 PSI and flow rates from 2 to 5,000 bbls/hour.

Our provers have full NIST traceable required certifications and carry redundant certified pressure, temperature, and API gravity measurement devices, flow computers, and laptops. Each proving unit carries inspection and test certificates for its prover volume, hoses, hydrometers, and pressure and temperature measuring devices. For each proving unit, mill test, radiological test, pressure test, and compliance documents for prover components are available for review upon request in advance.

We utilize process checklists and fully automated proving processes to accurately record flow rate, pressure, and temperature on every proving run. Our automation ensures that our calulations are auditable and in compliance with industry standards and our customer's tolerances and repeatability requirements.

We use PROVEit, a comprehensive and integrated software package, to prove, track and manage meter performance data based on API MPMS Chapter 12.2. And, we provide access to current and historical proving reports and meter proving data based on our customers requirements.

Our Measurement Technicians are equipped with and trained in Micro Motion and FMC configuration and service software tools and are ready to help your team address and troubleshoot measurement issues.

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